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Choosing a furnace or Air Conditioner these days raises many questions....

  • Who Should I go With?
  • What Brands And Models are THE BEST?
  • Is the HVAC Company that I choose Licensed Bonded And Insured to do the work that I have hired them to do?
  • Does the HVAC Company that I choose Stay On Top of Training, New Equipment, and High Energy Efficient ways to Save Money and the planet?
  • How long has this company been in business?
  • Can I call past clients of theirs in order to get real references?

That's Where James Heating Cooling And More Comes In

These are all great questions and James Heating Cooling And More is more than Qualified to answer every one of them. We offer free in home estimates for you at your convenience.
Newer high-efficiency furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, and Ductless Mini Splits are all great and will save you money on your utility bills. We will measure your heating and Cooling needs throughout your home assuring that your new Heating And Or Air Conditioning System will perform at its optimum efficiency delivering all of the Heat, And Cold Air, that your home needs and you have paid for. 
Wrong sized Heating Systems can lead to very costly break downs, such as cracked heat exchangers, (see our blog post "cracked heat exchangers they say") seized inducer motors, as well as extra costs every month in waisted gas or electric, And Incorrect sized Air Conditioners can lead to A-Coil Freeze-ups, Condenser Failure, Locked Up Compressors, As well as not enough Cooling Throughout your home when you need it most.


bad-contractor the other guys
Okay Friends...
I couldn't resist. Sometimes I see something funny and I just need to share it.
Seriously, We're not all bad. There's a lot of really good HVAC Contractors out there.
James Heating Cooling And More will show you our HVAC equipment line, and prices, so that you can research the model numbers and reviews of the equipment that we have submitted to you, in order to make the best decision that you can. After all, It is your home and your money, you should have the ultimate say.
As far as the other guys....
We encourage you as the home owner to get multiple quotes so that you will have all the tools neccessary at your fingertips in order to make a well informed decision as to whom can give you the best deals, best quality, and peace of mind knowing you can trust who is walking through your front door.
It is more important for us to be totally transparent and gain your trust and friendship, than it is for us to make a sale.
Our goal is to make a lasting friendship with all of our customers assuring you that we will always be there for you when you need us the most. Over the 25 years that we have served the local community we have met some of the greatest people that we still serve to this day and whom would be more than happy to have you call them as a reference to the work that we perform and the equipment that we have to offer.
Call James Heating Cooling And More Today For Your Free Quote
James Heating Cooling And More Free Furnace and Air Conditioner Estimates Plymouth, IN Rochester, IN Bass Lake, IN Akron, IN Bourbon, IN Bremen, IN
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