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ARZEL Zoning Comfort Systems for your Plymouth, Rochester, and Knox, In Home From James Heating Cooling And More

Finally Find Comfort in Every Room!

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What is Zoning?

Everyone’s level of comfort is different, and every part of the house is different. One area of your home always seems to be too hot or too cold, depending on where it’s located and the efficiency of the home itself.
What’s comfortable in the upstairs bedroom won’t work in the downstairs areas of the home.
Just setting the same temperature to every room won’t work, nor will raising and lowering temperatures to try to find the ideal setting for every room and every person.

Zoning Systems installed by James Heating Cooling And More of Plymouth, IN and Rochester, IN solves all those issues plus introduces new solutions to areas you haven't even thought of.
Zoning by industry definition, is "the controlled delivery of heating and cooling to different areas (zones) in your home or business".
Zones or Different areas of your home, can be simply altered to match your comfort needs, or you can save money in any un-used areas of your home by "closing off those areas" to your HVAC system. 
Just set your thermostat, and  you’re all set just like before, except now with the added benefit of complete control of you and your family's comfort.

The Truth is... In a standard home with no zoning, someone is always going to be too hot, or, too cold, compared to others.

What Are The Benefits of Zoning?

  • Cost and Savings
    More efficient than window air conditioners.

  • Less Headache
    Maintenance is Minimal compared to that of a mini-split heat pump.

  • Whhisper Technology
    Quieter and longer-lasting than noisy motorized dampers.

  • Efficiency
    Pneumatic-based technology"  lasts virtually forever unlike inefficient motor-based systems

What is the Arzel Pledge?

Straight From The Manufacturer.....
"Only Arzel Offers “The Pledge”
Why can we offer a lifetime warranty when others can’t? How can we provide a 100% Comfort Buyback Guarantee when others won’t?

Our technology is innovative, proven and reliable, and our reputation means everything to us. We offer a long-lasting product at a fair price, which allows us to be the only zoning company to make you “The Pledge”
Our Comfort Guarantee
Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. WILL BUY BACK your zoning system if you are not satisfied within one year from the date of sale."
It’s a pledge unmatched by any other zoning manufacturer. We’re confident in providing you with our Comfort Guarantee when others won’t.
Call James Heating Cooling And More Today To Discuss Your Temperature Problem Spots, Your Available Options, And Our Zoning Solutions.
And Ask About Zoning When You Have Us Replace or Install Your New Furnace And Air Conditioner.
James Heating Cooling And More Plymouth, IN Rochester, IN is the areas local solution to HVAC Comfort Zoning, Furnace Installations, Air Conditioner Installations, Humidifier Installation, Whole House Ductwork Systems, And So Much More
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